Cuba Select Website Selection, Review and Ranking Process

Welcome our proprietary Cuba website ranking process. 2011 marks our third review and ranking where we objectively rank the best Cuba related websites in the world. We have created and refined a selection, screening, review and ranking process that objectively determines a hierarchical ranking order based on a long list of criteria as described below.

Cuba Select Website Selection Process

The raw list was harvested from a variety of sources:

  • Top 40 search engine results from Google, Yahoo and Bing for keyword Cuba and keyword Cuba searches
  • Sites known to our research and management team
  • Suggestions submitted by website owners and fans of various Cuba websites

Just under one hundred Cuba related websites were identified and selected for our proprietary Cuba Select Review process.

There were no restrictions on the Cuba related websites that were selected. They could be from any country including Cuba, could be private, government or publicly funded but all must be predominately Cuba oriented to qualify for review.

Newspapers, guides and general tourist forums were not eligible since Cuba subject matter is only a small part of their overall business model and content. Cuban food restaurant websites were not eligible since these sites do not produce Cuba related content.

Subdomain and type sites were not eligible since little or no statistics could be acquired.

Cuba Select Website Review Criteria

The initial list was subjected to review of the following criteria:

  1. Alexa Traffic Rank
  2. Compete Traffic Rank
  3. Quantcast Traffic Rank
  4. Compete Monthly Visitors
  5. Quantcast Monthly Visitors
  6. Google Backlink Count
  7. Google Indexed Page Count
  8. Wikipedia References

Other criteria that was reviewed but not part of the ranking process:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Default Language
  • Accepts Advertising
  • DMOZ Listings

Cuba Select Website Ranking Process

You can view all the raw data and hierarchical ranking order in our combined 2011, 2009 and 2007 Cuba Select spreadsheet (will open Excel). Each tab contains a different year of data.

Spreadsheet Explanation

  • Combo Average Rank is the average of Alexa, Compete and Quantcast Rank number
  • Combo Average Visitors is the average of Compete and Quantcast monthly visitors
  • Alexa, Compete and Quantcat rank: low number means higher ranking
  • Unique Visitors number: high number means higher ranking
  • n/a means not available
  • Lots of n/a for Quantcast monthly visitors, traffic too low to estimate
  • We did not limit the number of websites for our 2011 review and ranking
  • Total Average Rank Order is the average number for the following rank orders which determined the Cuba Select Final Rank Order
    • Alexa Rank Order
    • Compete Rank Order
    • Quantcast Rank Order
    • Combo Average Rank Order
    • Compete Monthly Visitors Order
    • Quantcast Monthly Visitors Order
    • Combo Average Visitors Order
    • Bank Links Order
    • Number of Pages Order
    • Wikipedia Mentions Order

Sites were not ranked on the following:

  • Quality of content
  • Ease of use
  • Graphics or design features
  • Age of site

Alexa Comments

The Alexa traffic ranking is determined by visitors to a site who have installed an Alexa toolbar. Therefore, the Alexa traffic ranking can be uncharacteristically high or low and therefore we see Alexa traffic ranking to be unreliable. Also, the Alexa toolbar is not available to Firefox users.

So, we took the average of the Alexa, Compete and Quantcast rankings to determine the average of the three. Then we also calculated the average using only Compete and Quantcast rankings which are more scientific in their data gathering.

Cuba Select Website Process Notes

There may be a bias to these results for a couple reasons. First, Havana Journal Inc. staff compiled the selection, review, criteria and rankings. However, we have provided the raw data here in the Cuba Select spreadsheet (will open Excel) for public review. Second, we are not trained in statistical analysis.

Havana Journal Inc produces this Cuba Select ranking report to identify and quantify the top Cuba related websites in the world. We like to recognize Players in the Cuba arena for their hard work. Also, this review and ranking process allows us to compare our presence in relation to these other popular Cuba related websites.

We also produce this report in order to provide advertisers with a top level view of advertising placement opportunities in the Cuba arena.

Quantcast and Compete data may have been gleaned from if not available at or We assume data in this case have been cached and we do not know the date of caching. In our opinion, Quantcast is best rank site, then Compete then Alexa.

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